EPR- Extended Producers Responsibility
PIBOs – Producers, Importers and Brand Owners
PRO – Producer Responsibility Organization
PPP – Public Private Partnership
SME – Subject Matter Expert
ULB – Urban Local Body
IEC- Information, Education and Communication
MRF- Material Recovery Facility
UNDP – United Nation Development Program
HUL- Hindustan Unilever
SBI- State Bank of India
SBIF- State Bank of India Foundation
MCGM- Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
WNM – Waste no More
TPD- tons per day
CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility
BUA- business as usual
CAPEX – Capital Expenditure
OPEX- Operational Expenditure
NGO – Non-Governmental Organization
PET – Polyethylene terephthalate
MLP- Multi-Layered Plastic
w.r.t – with respect to
MoU- Memorandum of Understanding
ID Card – Identity Card
MT- Metric Tons
VGF- Viability Gap Funding
FTE – Full Time Employee
PM – Per month
HP – Horse Power
MSW – Municipal Solid Waste